Saturday, 11 August 2012

.Burgundy Velvet Manicure.

I went to a wedding this weekend and brought some gorgeous burgundy wedges to wear so of course my nails had to match! Goldleaf sent through a packet of their Burgundy Flocking Powder* and Burgundy Glitter Flocking Powder* the other week so i figured this was the perfect opportunity to give them both a go!

I used my tea strainer technique to apply these again and it worked really well even with the glitter - they’re just so fuzzy! I’m loving the glitter in my two accent nails, it just sparkles through beautifully and adds a bit more to the manicure. I used a coat of Rimmel Black Cherries underneath and it was a pretty good match so any wear at the edges didn’t show up too badly.

You can grab a bag of this beautiful flocking powder from Goldleaf HERE for just £1.99 - keep an eye out for that glitter flock coming soon!

Have you tried the flocking craze yet?


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  1. cool nails.