Sunday, 1 July 2012

.Iridescent Glitter & Greige.

These were super easy - just place individual sequins onto a layer of clear polish over your base colour (Essie Master Plan). It’s not as time consuming as you might think, just put a bit of clear polish onto your dotting tool and pick the sequins up that way. Concentrate your glitter towards the cuticle and get less and less as you move towards the tip.

This glitter is just gorgeous and there’s so much in the bag i think it’s going to last me forever! You can grab yourself some from The Glitter Shop HERE, a whole 30g for £1.99!! The Glitter Shop also trades as Goldleaf Craft Supplies on ebay, so if you’d prefer to spend your pennies there you can grab a bag HERE!

Have you tried a sequin gradient manicure yet?


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