Sunday, 1 July 2012

.Butterfly Nails.

I was having a play with my polish last night and decided to have a go at some Monarch Butterfly Nails. They were pretty tricky to do so i think i need a bit more practice - my lines are a little wonky!

To do these you need a really thin brush and a very steady hand. I also found that using my Konad Special Polish was the only way to get the strong black lines, i’m afraid Barry M’s Black just didn’t cut it this time! This was only a quick manicure so i think if i took a bit more time over the design i may be able to get them looking a little neater but I thought I’d show you anyway.

How to: Start by painting your nails with two coats of your base colour. To paint the detail i painted the tips black sweeping down one side of the nail and then connected the corner of the tip with a line to the cuticle. Then paint the contrasting lines to the first and finish with some little white polka-dots!

Polish: Model’s Own Bronze Rage, Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl*, Natural Collection White and as always - Seche Vite Topcoat.

Which colours would you paint a set of Butterfly nails?


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