Sunday, 1 July 2012

.Wicked Inspired Nails.

After watching Wicked in London the other week i’ve had the soundtrack looping in my car so i can re-live the magic and sing along like a crazy lady wherever i go! So when Goldleaf sent me these awesome green studs this week a musical shaped light bulb went on above my head and i created this Wicked inspired nail art! It also gave me the chance to use my Black Caviar Beads that have been sitting in my nail box for a while now and i have to say, i love them even more than the gold. The glitters were both sprinkled over black polish and the studs/gems were pressed into a topcoat of clear. Same as before, sprinkle your caviar beads over a still wet second layer of polish and gently press to set - easy peasy!

Polish: Barry M Black Polish, Green & Black Glitter and Green Gems from ebay. My Black Caviar Beads* and the Green Metal Studs*(coming soon) were both from Goldleaf Craft Supplies AKA The Glitter Shop!

You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for the studs on Goldleaf’s store as they’re not up for sale just yet, but you can get your hands on all kinds of Caviar Beads for just £1.99 a bag right now HERE!!!

I’m absolutely loving stud manicures at the moment - have you tried them yet?


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