Sunday, 1 July 2012

.Iridescent Pastel Rainbow.

This beautiful shimmery colour is the second of three polishes that turned up in my package from Model’s Own the other week - you can see the first HERE. It’s a very sheer polish called Indian Ocean* and this is just what i imagine the Indian ocean to look like!

It has a really subtle blue undertone and a pinky iridescent sparkle so on it’s own it’s a very subtle (but lovely) colour. Tonight i decided to test it out over some pastel shades to see how it changes!

Polish used from thumb to pinky: Barry M’s Strawberry Ice cream and Peach Melba, Model’s Own Lemon Meringue and Barry M’s Blue Moon and Berry Ice cream.

I think it works really well over purples and pinks - a great way to spruce up your manicure after a few days if it’s beginning to look a little dull. I can imagine it sparking away on my toes dipped in a beautiful pool abroad too! It’s a great way to wear this year’s glitter nails but in a more subdued way…and it doesn’t take forever to take off either - bonus!

You can pick a bottle of Indian Ocean up at Boots or Superdrug for £5. Model’s Own are also giving you £3 off when you buy three polishes from their website or £7 off when you buy five! Take a look at the other beautiful colours in the Beetlejuice collection HERE!

Do you own any of the Model’s Own Beetlejuice collection? If so, which is your favourite?


P.s. apologies for my awful nails at the moment, i broke a few so have ordered some gel foil builders to play with! Instant long nails again if i can get the hang of them!

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