Sunday, 1 July 2012

.Gold Caviar Manicure.

This was my first time trying out the popular Caviar Manicure and i absolutely love it! I chose gold to go with my wedding outfit and just accented my ring fingers with the beads for a more subtle look and it turned out really well. These Gold Beads* are from the selection Goldleaf sent me last week and i really think they’re excellent value. They’re selling a 40g bag of these gold beads for £1.99 which compared to other branded beads is a absolute steal - and they’ll last you forever too.

How to
Just paint two coats of your chosen colour on each nail as usual, and one coat for your accent nail. Then, one nail at a time, paint your second coat and pour the beads over your nail - I use a little box to catch the spare beads in so i can pour the excess back into the bag. Pat the beads into your nail polish and move them around to fill in any gaps and to level up the edges. Finally, paint over a thick topcoat to protect the metallic coating and help the beads stay.

You can grab yourself a bag of these beads HERE and take a look through the Goldleaf store too for lots of other colours! 

What do you think of the caviar manicure - is it a trend that’s going to stay?


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