Wednesday, 18 July 2012

.Cute as a Button Candy Floss Nails.

How adorable is my ring finger…IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!! It’s called ‘flocking’ a new nail art technique that leaves your nails looking and feeling super soft and fluffy and i love it! This pinky colour was sent over by the wonderful Goldleaf and as soon as i saw it i thought ‘Candy Floss’! I also picked up these cute little buttons at a craft store and decided to combine the two with this manicure.

Flocking your nails is similar to caviar beads, simply paint a layer of polish and wait for it to dry. Then paint another coat and either sprinkle the powder over your nail or place some on paper and roll your wet nail into it - easy peasy! If they look a little patchy just roll or sprinkle extra powder into your bald patches. They should last a few days and will dry nicely if you get them wet in the shower. I just glued my button on with nail glue - just make sure your polish is completely dry first!

Polish: Barry M Strawberry Ice-cream, Natural Collection White.

You’ll be able to buy this flocking powder from Goldleaf very soon so hold tight!

What do you think of nail flocking will you give it a go?


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